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Our company was founded in Otaru, Hokkaido, in 1919 as a rubber shoe manufacturer. With Japan's first rubber boots being made in Kobe around 1912, our company was one of the pioneers in rubber shoe manufacturing. Since the establishment of our company, "reliable products and honest business" have been our principles. As we have gained the confidence of our customers and business partners, we have made steady progress, and MITSU-UMA's rubber shoes are now used not only in Hokkaido, but also in various other parts of Japan.
We are currently manufacturing rubber products for industrial use, injection molded shoes, chemical products and other products in addition to rubber shoes. We are, however, making constant efforts to improve our technology rather than just expanding the range of our products. As well, our management policy is to sell only the products with which we are completely satisfied. We believe that is it our responsibility to deliver quality products to our customers with our original motto ?\ reliability and honesty ?\ in mind. That is why we can recommend all our products with confidence and guarantee your full satisfaction. We look forward to being of service to you.

Company profile

Trade name MITSU-UMA CO., LTD.
Foundation October 10, 1919
Incorporation November 12, 1943
Capital 50,000,000yen
President Fujio Ohigashi

26-1, 4-chome, Okusawa, Otaru, Japan Tel: +81-134-22-1111 Fax: +81-134-22-1110


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