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Eleclear Anti-static shoes

  • Anti-static shoes for clean rooms
  • The Anti-static performance is between 0.1 M and 1000 M for all products.
  • All products are washable and highly durable. They withstand repeated washing without deformation, shrinkage or peeling of soles.
  • Insoles made of highly moisture-absorbent, moisture-emissive fabric keep your feet from feeling sweaty. Stable anti-static performance is achieved by grounding throughout the sole. The soil-resistant insoles also minimize soiling and are easy to clean even when soiled.
  • Comfort and workability have been achieved by using a topside material that affords high air and moisture permeability and guards against moisture retention
  • The amount of dust raised has been reduced by cutting the abrasion rate of the well-cushioned sole by approximately 9.7%.
  • Four different types of sole materials are available.
PVC (polyvinyl chloride) sole Double-layer sole Urethane sole Double-layered Urethane Sole
This compact and lightweight PVC sole is the most abrasion resistant type of PVC sole. The double-layer PVC sole consists of a highly abrasion-resistant ground contact area using compact PVC, and a middle layer using thick, highly impact absorptive PVC foam. It is also lightweight. This extremely abrasion resistant urethane foam sole minimizes the amount of dust raised by abrasion. The thick, cushioning sole prevents your feet from getting tired. The ground-contact outer sole is made of high-density urethane foam with an abrasion rate approximately 9.7% lower than that of the conventional single-layer sole. Well-cushioned, low-density urethane foam is used for the middle layer of the sole.

For assembly of semiconductor particles, testing and other general operations

*The topside with rubber lining fits your feet well and prevents sweating.

* Meshes are used to further eliminate sweating.
With a topside belt
for better fitting
With a topside belt
for easy movement
With entirely meshed surface
to eliminate fatigue

For work in a clean room

*Highly durable boots with minimum dust generation


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