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Safetec Anti-static safety shoes

  • These anti-static safety shoes made of low-dust material are suitable for the use in clean rooms.
  • Washable and highly resistant to wear from washing.
  • Lightweight, safe, with plastic toe padding (Class S safety performance).
  • Comfortable, with insoles made of highly moisture-absorbent, moisture-emissive fabric.
  • Comfort and workability have been achieved by using a topside material that affords high air and moisture permeability and guards against moisture retention.
  • Soil-resistant insoles minimize soiling and are easy to clean even when soiled.
  • High maneuverability has been achieved by improved sole cushioning. The amount of dust the shoes raise has also been reduced by cutting the abrasion rate by about 9.7%.
  • A double-layered polyurethane sole is used. Single-layer urethane- or PVC-soled products are also available.

For maintenance, assembly and other general operations
you can work comfortably without having sweaty feet.
(Steel Toe Cap)
Lightweight and highly workable shoes for protection from the splash of cleaning chemicals
(Plastic Toe Cap)

Easy-to-wear, well-fitting and highly cushioning boots for assembly, maintenance and other clean room operations
(Plastic Toe Cap)
For protection from the splash of chemicals
suitable for use in high-performance clean rooms(Plastic Toe Cap)


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